Yael Foundation is committed to Three Cornerstones: Efficiency, Strategy, Tradition

Our Mission

To provide sustainable, result-oriented, cost-effective traditional Jewish education for every Jewish kid in the Diaspora.

Tradition & Future

We support educational institutions and initiatives worldwide that embrace both the Jewish tradition and high modern education standards. Learn about our Grantees!


If you are a leader of an institution that shares the integral principles and values of our foundation, you are welcome to submit application for YAEL FOUNDATION grant.

What is the most important challenge in Jewish education today?

Share Jewish knowledge with Jewish children. It is important that they feel like a part of the Jewish people and be proud of this connection. This will help avoid assimilation in the future.

Rav Yosef Salomon


Involvement in the Jewish people. Every child needs to know who he is, what he is, where he is going. How can we achieve this? Only through love and acceptance.

Rabbanit Geula Baitch


We in Portugal feel the challenge today is to reach every child no matter geographic location. If the children do not come to us, we need to bring the education to them. With technology, it is easier than ever before.

Rav Eli Rozenfeld


Strengthening the Jewish identity, encouraging the creation of new Jewish communities, teaching children and creating experiences of the commandments observation, providing students with tools to maintain their Jewish identity, worldview, and bond with the Jewish people after graduation.

Rav Meir Kozlovsky


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The Yael Foundation International Conference

The First Yael Foundation Conference in Cyprus gathered rabbis and educators from around the world to address the challenges that Jewish education is facing today. Participants shared their experience, discussed integration within public education systems, and tackled the threat of assimilation. The conference aimed to provide practical tools for educators, and create Yael grantees de-virtualization and networking.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Computer class in "Or Avner and Chana" Jewish school

With the beginning of the academic year 5782, the computer class in Tbilisi was renovated and refurbished thanks to the support of the Yael Foundation.
Barcelona, Spain

Working visit to the Jewish school of Barcelona Collegio Hatikva

On May 20, CEO of Yael Foundation, Mr. Eliezer Lesovoy had meetings with school principal Mr. Ari Messer, and the President of Barcelona Jewish Community Mr. Raymond Forado.
Lausanne, Switzerland

Openning the school year of the children's project

The Yael Foundation supports a community children's project and an informal Jewish program for "Gan Shlomo students".

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If you share the integral principles and values of our foundation, you are welcome to submit online application for YAEL FOUNDATION grant.