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Yael Foundation is a charitable organization that is aimed for saving the Jewish tradition and developing the Jewish education.

Or Avner and Hana Jewish School
Kids & youth projects of the Jewish Russian Learning Center
Yavne School

The Jewish kids today are the Jewish People tomorrow

YAEL is a private charitable foundation, dedicated to maintain and develop the Jewish educational institutions worldwide.

YAEL FOUNDATION was created in 2020 by Jewish philanthropists Uri and Yael Poliavich, relying on their vision of the global Jewish community as one family bound by shared values and a commitment to mutual support. Our Foundation is committed to enable a Jewish child in any city and in any community, small or large, to receive prestigious and value-oriented Jewish and general education.

As of Summer 2023, Yael Foundation is supporting more than 50 schools, kindergartens, Sunday schools and afterschools, and special educational initiatives in 28 countries on all continents.

We believe in highest priority of Jewish values, Torah and commandments, and at the same time want to guarantee our kids sustainable professional future in today’s quickly changing world. Therefore we pay great attention not only to Jewish studies, but also to professional teaching of English, maths and computers, and the high average maturity level at Jewish schools.

Yael Foundation collaborates with a wide circle of prominent educators and community leaders, who contribute their advice and expertise, develop evaluation and development models, assist communities and educational institutions in shaping their needs and creating solutions.

YAEL FOUNDATION is open to cooperate with other philanthropists, NGOs and funds who share our vision and values.


The main goal of the Foundation is sustainable growth of the number of participants in Jewish educational projects for kids and teens, while ensuring the prestige and accessibility of Jewish education. Within its mission, the Foundation is committed to support the programs that pursue the following goals:

  • Recruitment of Jewish kids to Jewish educational institutions
  • Raising the professional level of Jewish educational institutions and attracting highly qualified teachers to their staff
  • Modernization of existing educational facilities: technology, communication, methodic tools
  • Maintenance of existing  institutions’ educational infrastructure and ongoing activities

Three Cornerstones: Efficiency, Strategy, Tradition


YAEL FOUNDATION promotes the projects to set specific qualitative and quantitative goals, to develop practical progress plans and to implement them systematically. We believe that good planning and feedback-based pivoting make a half of every job.


We believe that the vision and development strategy for at least 2–3 years are an obligatory condition for success. The Foundation officers and advisers are always glad to shape the vision and the strategy together with directors of institutions.


We view Judaism and tradition as central to the life and culture of the Jewish people. The foundation supports projects that teach the Jewish tradition within the framework of an orthodox approach to Judaism - although a very large proportion of the students in the schools we support do not come from religious families and do not yet lead a religious lifestyle.


Uri Poliavich


Yael Poliavich


Our Team

Our team of professionals and educators is always ready to meet the needs of your community, to share our expertise and to contribute to development of supported institutions

Chaya Yosovich


Rav Shmuel Azman
Director of Community Development


Eliezer Lesovoy
Director of Education


Galit Podrez



Rav Rami Avigdor


Eliezer Shargorodsky


Bernard Asher Zanzouri


Israel Hecht


Rav Danny Mirvis


Rav Bentzi Mann


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If you share the integral principles and values of our foundation, you are welcome to submit online application for YAEL FOUNDATION grant.