Become a Partner

Yael Foundation welcomes donors and philanthropists, Jewish organizations and foundations worldwide, and educational institution leaders to become partners.

We are not only a funding body, but also a platform that assists communities and schools to go forward and to make the dreams come true. We collaborate with the leading experts in the world of Jewish education who provide our grantees with advice and expertise, help projects develop evaluation models and formulate the needs. You can learn about our Advisory Board here.

Between main professional and philanthropic partners of Yael Foundation are Meromim Foundation, WZO, Mizrachi World Movement, Strauss Amiel Institute, Sulamot, Ministry of Diaspora and many others.

How can the partnership work?

1. Matching Track

• You have only partial financing for a great educational project?
Yael Foundation is open to be a matcher for existing institutions and projects, as far as they share our vision and values, and stand the grant criteria.

2. Shared Platform Track

• Foundations and private donors are welcome to become matchers and to co-fund one of the projects we support, to let institutions grow and expand. All our grantees were chosen thoroughly, are being regularly supervised, and we are deep inside the planning and evaluation. Choose a project you like and address us!

3. Strategy, efficiency, and impact

• We welcome private donors who are seeking for a professional philanthropy platform that is focused on strategy, efficiency, and impact.

Together we can make change!

If you are interested in one of our shared funding tracks, please contact us, and we shall get in touch with you.