Funding guidelines

· Funding Frames and Objectives

The Foundation supports the projects running in the Jewish Diaspora. We focus on assisting educational institutions and initiatives that teach Jewish subjects within the Orthodox approach of the modern Judaism. The primary aim of the Yael Foundation is to uphold the high standard of Jewish education encompassing Torah, tradition, Jewish history, and Hebrew language studies.

Grants are primarily allocated to Jewish day schools, evening and Sunday schools, kindergartens, afterschool programs, and Hebrew schools. The Foundation provides funding for the ongoing activities of educational institutions, educational staff salaries, regular project expenses, upgrade of educational materials and manuals, and special costs associated with the Jewish calendar cycle.

The Foundation does not support certain expenditures, such as salaries for Rabbis and community leaders that don’t deal directly with students, security, taxes, souvenirs or gifts purchase, and food packages to students or community members outside the educational institutions. Grant funds cannot be distributed to students and their families as prizes or gifts. A key preference is given to educational institutions that blend profound Jewish knowledge with a high standard of general education in their curriculum.

· Grant Awarding Conditions

Grants are subject to the following conditions:

1) The project must demonstrate a long-term development strategy spanning 2-3 years.

2) The project must establish specific quantitative and qualitative benchmarks for the duration of the grant.

3) The project should employ skilled competent teachers, promote regular professional training opportunities for educators, and upgrade its educational content regularly.

· Reporting Requirements

Grantees are obligated to submit monthly reports detailing their activities and financials. The reporting process employed by the Yael Foundation is designed to be straightforward and minimize the time required from the project team. Additionally, grant recipients must provide the Foundation with the requested information, including event photos, feedback from participants and parents, and class schedules.

· Own Participation and Matching

A prerequisite for receiving a grant is the active involvement of the community or educational institution in the project's costs. The Foundation also prioritizes grant applicants who secure matching funds from additional donors and funding sources. Furthermore, the Foundation is open to supporting ongoing projects if its assistance leads to tangible, sustainable, and measurable development or expansion within the grant's designated time frame.

If you share the integral principles and values of our foundation, you are welcome to submit online application for YAEL FOUNDATION grant.

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