August 12, 2021
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In August 2021, during a community day camp, the students studied the laws of the Torah related to nature, and with their own hands built a "Garden of Eden" in the yard of the synagogue on the site of a vacant lot, which will now serve as a youth project.

The Yael Foundation supports a community children's project and an informal Jewish program for "Gan Shlomo students".

Barcelona, Spain

Working visit to the Jewish school of Barcelona Collegio Hatikva

On May 20, CEO of Yael Foundation, Mr. Eliezer Lesovoy had meetings with school principal Mr. Ari Messer, and the President of Barcelona Jewish Community Mr. Raymond Forado.
Richmond / Vancouver, Canada

KIDS ZONE at the Bayit Jewish Community

We are thrilled to announce the new and exciting KIDS ZONE opened at the children's center at the Bait synagogue and community canter in Richmond, Vancouver.
Aya Napa, Cyprus

Cheder Or Menachem (Anatevka, Kyiv) Summer Camp on Cyprus with the Yael Foundation support

Inspiring summer camp program was conducted on Cyprus by Cheder Or Menachem. Two groups of children - boys and girls, spent unforgettable week in the camp.