Neve Shalom Jewish Day School

Day school

Casablanca, Morocco
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About the school

Neve Shalom is a Jewish day school located in Casablanca, Morocco. The school was founded in 1999 and offers education for students from kindergarten through high school.

The school aims to provide Jewish education for its students while also fostering an understanding of and respect for Morocco's Muslim majority and its culture. The curriculum includes both Jewish and secular studies, with a focus on the Moroccan Jewish community's history and traditions.

Neve Shalom is a private school and is not affiliated with any particular denomination of Judaism. The school welcomes students from all Jewish backgrounds and aims to create a diverse and inclusive community. The language of instruction is French, but students also study Hebrew and English.

In addition to academic studies, Neve Shalom offers a range of extracurricular activities and programs for students, including sports, music, art, and community service projects. The school also organizes trips and cultural events to help students connect with their Jewish heritage and the wider Moroccan community.

Overall, Neve Shalom aims to provide a high-quality education for its students while also promoting interfaith and intercultural understanding and dialogue in Morocco.

As a private Jewish day school, Neve Shalom in Morocco has implemented various special projects over the years to enrich its students' educational experiences. Some of the school's special projects include:

  1. Jewish Heritage and Moroccan Culture: This project aims to deepen students' understanding and appreciation of the rich Jewish heritage and Moroccan culture. Students explore the Jewish history of Morocco, its culture, language, and traditions, and also learn about Moroccan music, art, and folklore.
  2. Environmental Awareness: This project aims to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote environmental sustainability practices. The school encourages students to engage in activities that promote environmental responsibility, such as recycling, composting, and reducing waste.
  3. Community Service: Neve Shalom believes in instilling a sense of responsibility and commitment to the broader community in its students. As part of this project, students engage in various community service activities, such as volunteering at local hospitals, nursing homes, and orphanages.
  4. Technology and Innovation: As a forward-looking institution, Neve Shalom recognizes the importance of technology and innovation in education. The school has implemented various initiatives to promote technology education, including the use of smartboards, digital classrooms, and online resources.
  5. Exchange Programs: Neve Shalom has established partnerships with Jewish schools and communities in other countries, including France, Israel, and the United States. Through these exchange programs, students have the opportunity to meet and interact with students from other countries, learn about their cultures, and develop friendships.

These are just a few examples of the special projects and initiatives implemented by Neve Shalom in Morocco. The school is committed to providing a comprehensive and engaging educational experience for its students, and continues to innovate and adapt to meet the evolving needs of its community.

About the community

In recent years, the Jewish community in Morocco has been forced to live in survival mode due to a significant decline in the community. Today, there are approximately 2,000 Jews living in Morocco. The dwindling community has caused a gap in educational programming for the community’s youth who, as a result, lack a strong connection to their Jewish identify or an affinity to Israel. 

Yael Foundation project

The informal educational track run by Naomi and Gabriel Blum, includes four aspects:

  1. Establishing quarterly lecture series on Jewish identity
  2. Providing educational tours/trips in Morocco and abroad
  3. Creating the infrastructure for a Jewish youth movement
  4. Strengthening Hebrew and Jewish education in the Jewish school


Lectures are based on the educational ‘Olive’ program created by The Jewish Agency for strengthening young Jews’ connection to Judaism and Jewish identity. 

Educational Trips

In order to expand on the knowledge built from the lectures, we intend on providing educational trips based on two central topics: Holocaust Memorial, and Jewish and Israel Identity. 

Memorial tours are extremely important and allow the youth of Morocco who are only familiar with their own small community to feel that they are part of something bigger that connects them to the history of the Jewish People. 

Educational trips to Israel are also an essential component of this program. Our vision is to provide two types of trip to Israel. One focuses on demonstrating to participants the fundamental connection between the Jewish People and the land of Israel, and the other trip is so expose student to study-abroad options in Israel.

Youth Movement

The task of the emissaries couple is: 

  • To establish a physical infrastructure for the youth movement
  • Form a team of counselors
  • Design an educational curriculum

The Jewish Agency, the matcher organization which covers most expenditures for Israeli emissaries mission, with its network of Shlichim across the globe, has a wealth of experience and resources in delivering educational and experiential programs for Jewish youth.

Hebrew and Jewish Education

There is a lack of teachers who can teach quality Jewish education in a way that is relatable to this generation. The emissaries are qualified teachers and teach in both the Jewish schools existing in the country, in addition to their work in informal education.